Specialty Lenses

Swissflex Eyewear Specialty LensesWhen it comes to ophthalmic lenses, there are literally hundreds of different products with varying degrees of quality available. At Reflections Eyecare, we only offer premium, ultra premium and custom designed lenses. These lenses not only offer exceptional vision, but also reduce glare and distortion which is often the source of eye fatigue. All of our lenses offer 100% uv protection, premium scratch resistant coating, and various levels of anti glare coating to allow for maximum transmissibility of light and visual comfort. Typically, our products of choice include Ziess (from Germany), Shamir (from Israel), and Essilor (from France).

For the patient who has different prescriptions for different viewing distances, we have an extensive selection of progressive lenses (no line multifocals) to choose from. There are over 50 types of progressive lenses available. Most of our custom designed progressive lenses are made with optical lasers so as to insure the accuracy of the prescription within the chosen frame. When fitting our patients with progressive lenses, we are very careful to use wide angle distortion free lenses. This enables minimal adaptation and at the same time, optimizes the functionality.

When fitting these lenses, it is very important that the measurements of the lens correspond to the position of the frame on the patient’s face. This factor makes optimal frame selection crucial. It is therefore important to have a qualified optician who is skilled in taking these measurements as well as helping the patient select the appropriate frame. Our certified optician, Mark Meyberg, has over 10 years of extensive experience in doing exactly that.

Patients who use the computer for several consecutive hours a day often suffer from eye strain and fatigue. This is sometimes referred to as computer vision syndrome. At Reflections Eyecare, we have many options for the patient requiring an occupational prescription that differs from their full time prescription. In some cases, a single vision lens may be adequate. In other cases, a progressive lens with the top portion of the lens corrected for the computer and the bottom part corrected for the reading and writing distance may be required. Premium quality anti reflective coatings will often benefit these patients by providing the clearest most comfortable possible vision. Whatever your vision requirements, you can be confident that Reflections Eyecare will have many options to serve your vision needs.


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