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More Than You Expect!
Professional Eye Examinations

At Reflections Eyecare, we take pride in the personalized experience that we provide each patient. Both Dr. Schultz and Dr. Cohen have extensive backgrounds and experience in primary eye care, custom contact lens fitting, ocular disease management, surgical co-management with the knowledge and use of the most up to date technology available.


“It is our goal to provide you with a thorough, comprehensive eye exam tailored for your specific needs. We are able to use extremely advanced digital technology to view various layers of the inside of your eye, which in turn, allows us to diagnose, follow and treat many eye conditions before they become serious. This may enable early detection of eye diseases that conventional exam techniques could miss.


We are also able to capture high magnification, high resolution digital images of the front of the eye, allowing us to document subtle variation in eye structure and also to show you exactly what we are observing while we discuss our findings with you”. – Drs Schultz and Cohen


We take pride in our commitment to your eyes’ well being and look forward to building a lasting relationship with our patients.